This site is dedicated to creating a People’s Convention in America as a national general assembly representing all citizens. Its purpose is to alter our national government through deliberation; proposing amendments to the American people to vote on in a national referendum; helping to oversee such a referedum to make sure it is fair; and working with and representing the American people until they, we, alter our government to secure our happiness as one people.

At Occupy Oakland, actor and activist Danny Glover makes the case for institutionalizing the changes we seek:

Keith Olbermann makes the case for the need for change in this Special Comment:

Olbermann reads the statement from the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly:

Olbermann then interviews the two authors of that Occupy Wall Street Declaration:

My decision to write this website arises from years of study of electoral systems, and ongoing dialogue with and/or study of the work of several brilliant progressive constitutional scholars, including Dan LazareMartin HennSanford LevinsonLarry SabatoJohn DinanChristian Fritz and Steven Hill.

I’ve also been in dialogue with other leaders, scholars and activists including Seth AckermanLaura BonhamJoe BrewerNoam ChomskyJeffrey ClementsDavid Cobb,Charles DerberJim HerrmannDavid KortenKaren LindvigJohn MulkinsJohn SchusterRick StaggenborgPaul Street, and several others interested in constitutional, electoral, and large-scale system change in America and on our planet.

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