Membership Categories


We have four different categories of membership:

  • Individual Members
  • Organizational Partners
  • Interim Delegates
  • Deliberating Delegates

Individual Members are those who want to join the People’s Convention to support our work and guide our plan to completion. Members need only be persons who believe in our mission and vision for a democratic America. A minimum amount of $10 per year (or more) from each member will help to fund us and to provide guidance.

Organizational Partners are those organizations who agree with our mission and vision and wish to support our work and to help guide us to fulfill our plan.

Interim Delegates are individuals who will serve in the capacity as members of the People’s Convention to help us to write ByLaws, provide expertise and lay the foundation for fulfilling our plan.

Deliberating Delegates will be elected by the American people or will be selected by a jury selection process from the citizenry of America at random. They will constitute the People’s Convention to deliberate about problems and solutions for our national government; they will conduct hearings with experts; they will write constitutional amendments as solutions to our problems; and they will propose them to the American people as a set of constitutional amendments for ratification through a national referendum.

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