Our Founders


In late 2011, a number of individuals came together to found the People’s Congress and this People’s Convention—which are mirror sites—designed to accomplish the same objective: to enable the democratic majority of the American people to exercise their self-evident right to alter our government as we see fit, as one people.

These individuals constitute a list of our founders:

Kelly Gerling
I created this site and its mirror site peoplescongress.net. This is the very beginning . . . I’m working in cooperation with John Mulkins and others with peoplescongress.org. I’m a change agent whose professional work with individuals and families is described here; whose professional work with organizations is described here; and whose political writings are here. For many years I’ve been exploring the means of improving our national government as a key to solving problems in the United States and globally requires constitutional amendments. Furthermore, I’ve developed the purposes of such amendments through study of and/or dialogue with scholars and activists including Seth Ackerman, Laura Bonham, Joe Brewer, Noam Chomsky, Charles Derber, John Dinan, Christian Fritz, Martin Henn, Steven Hill, Dan Lazare, Sanford Levinson, Karen Lindvig, John Mulkins,  Larry Sabato, and several others. I can be reached through my website at http://kellygerling.com

Martin Henn
Martin recently did an interview with WZBC Radio in Boston with John Grebe. The program, Sounds of Dissent has archives here. The date of the interview is Saturday, October 22nd, 2011, at Noon. John’s interview with Martin begins about 46:30 into the hour and proceeds until the end. In the interview Martin makes a case that the problems of a lack of democracy in our national government arise from imbalances in the Constitution itself. He proposes that a group of scholars and activists are working towards real solutions to bring about democracy in America. Martin wrote a book called “Under the Color of Law: The Bush Administration Subversion of U.S. Constitutional and International Law in the War on Terror.” Martin can be reached at: martinhenn8@gmail.com

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