Our Plan


The plan to constitute the People’s Convention is as follows:

  • We will cooperate with like-minded individuals, the Occupy Movement groups, leaders, scholars and others to bring about a democratic America.
  • We will organize ourselves legally so we can accept donations.
  • We will set up an administrative capacity, through donations, to respond to communications, membership signups, and to improve our capacity to reach out to the American people.
  • We will seek Individual Members, Organizational Partners and Interim Delegates to further the work of building the People’s Convention as an enduring, democratic sovereign organization to represent the American people to deliberate and propose amendments for ratification by a national referendum.
  • We will oversee the development of a national referendum capacity in America by working with national and international organizations to make sure the referendum is fair. Among the organizations we envision working with are the Brennen Center for Justice;┬áthe Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance; the Center for Constitutional Rights; the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development; and many more organizations who can provide credibility and expertise for our deliberations and subsequent national referendum.





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